Veterans Day

one Veterans Day is an important holiday. Some readers may wonder about the difference between Memorial Day and Veterans Day. Memorial Day honors the men and women who sacrificed their lives in the line of service. Veterans Day honors all veterans who served in the military. This holiday includes all living veterans and those who passed as well. It’s celebrated on November 11th which is the anniversary of World War I.

one In honor of Veterans Day, our club would like to feature a poem called, “We Said We’d Never Forget.” Edwin Duarte, the Veterans club president, wrote this poem inspired by the aftermath of 9/11. We encourage our readers to take a minute and digest his post below. In addition, the Veterans club is hosting a Christmas donation drive. We have gathered some information for students to participate.

We Said We’d Never Forget

Author: Edwin Duarte We all remember where we were When the planes hit, and the buildings fell We said we’d never forget We all saw the second plane smash and hit the second tower A few brave men ran up inside to help those they could find We all saw the images of falling men […]

Christmas Donation Drive

one In the spirit of giving the Veteran’s club of Norco Community College is holding the 2020 Christmas donation drive. They’ll be accepting donations until December 16th. Some items that would be great donations are toys, books, sealed snacks, and backpacks. You can read below for how to participate and donate. one To donate you […]