Summer Lafayette

Summer loves all music and forms of art, as well as reading and writing. “Music is the secret to my art,” She says. “Without it I wouldn’t be able to create. I need my headphones in to find my flow.”

Grateful for Self-Love

A student submission for April’s theme of Gratitude Author: Summer Lafayette  To the woman within myself, I’m grateful to you, I’m grateful despite the fact you had to arrive far too early. I’m grateful that when you recognized my lack of self-love,  You were determined to discover my worth,   And present it to me like…

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Good Friends

Author: Summer Lafayette It was light and it was buoyant It was only for a split second but I enjoyed it Usually it is in the morning But today it was tonight I looked at the sky and it didn’t scare me too bad To think about what was behind all that It was not…

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