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What’s New On Campus

We’ll keep you updated on club events at Norco Community College!

Photo by Karolina Grabowska on Pexels.com

May is Mental Health Awareness month. Check out what workshops are coming soon along with COVID-19 vaccine dates & times. We also dedicated a poem to nurses in recognition of Nurses Day. (May 6th)

Veterans Day! Take a look at what this holiday celebrates. We also share some information about an upcoming event held by the Veterans club on Norco College campus.

Want a club shoutout?

If you are in a different Norco Community College club you can reach out to have your event flyers posted here for the student body to see. Let us know your name and the club you represent. You can leave a description of the event you want us to post about here. Please give us at least a full week notice before the actual event date. We look forward to collaborating!