Shakira Velasquez

If The Stars Could Speak

2nd place winner Fall 2021 Author: Shakira Velasquez If the stars could speak   What would they say of our love? He asked

I Told the Stars About You

Author: Shakira Velasquez (2nd Place Winner) I told the stars about you He grinned And cried my heart out to the moon I complained about how they left one of their own here on earth A soul far too bright and far too pure For us mere humans to ever deserve She rolled her eyes and…

My Mind

Author: Shakira Velasquez (2nd place Winner!) My mind is a scary place It’s Pandora’s box  but filled with thoughts All too dangerous to keep to myself An ocean of doubt, fear, and worry With waves of feelings that erode my fragile heart Washing away the joyful memories of who I once was  I start to…

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