May’s Submissions

The Mannequins of St. Tristan

Author: Medical Plagues go Something isn’t right in that little town called St.Tristan. Its people have been known to behave oddly to both visitors and immigrants alike. Not a single inhabitant even thinks of moving out of there to live somewhere else. And the most concerning is the nocturnal life of the townsfolk.Every man, woman, […]

And The War Came

Author: Tori Duncan a 1863. The war was now in its second year. The death count grew daily. It seemed that every time she went into town, she saw a newly returned soldier, ragged and weary, missing an arm or a leg. Yet here she was, with all the rest of polite high-society, attending another […]

A Waitress and a Zombie in a Restaurant

Author: Aaron Meek Content warning: This story contains descriptions of death, suicide and rape.  go The midday heavy rain thundered on the abandoned streets; the tearing eastern winds tossing light debris, and shifting decaying rubble from nearby bombed buildings. Julie had been on her feet for five days, limping along the cracked pavement, heavily favoring her […]


Author: Cesar Villatoro goa After a crappy cup of black coffee and a pack of Marlboro Reds, Nathan still couldn’t decide if he wanted to go in. He pulled out the business card from his shirt’s breast pocket and inspected it again, as if he’d notice something different this time around as opposed to the […]