May 2021 Edition

Fleur Hollows and the Medicine Man

Author: Bianca Alicia Macias (1st Place Winner) Pushing good people away into algid conditions, allowing bad people into her space was her curse, and predicting other people was […]

I Told the Stars About You

Author: Shakira Velasquez (2nd Place Winner) I told the stars about you He grinned And cried my heart out to the moon I complained about how they left […]

When Jasmines Bloom in Kamihama: Chapter 3

Author: Medical Plagues (3rd Place Winner) Artist: Shinya ICHINOHE Disclaimer “Puella Magi Madoka Magica” and the side story, “Magia Record,” belong to the Magica Quartet (Gen Urobuchi, Akiyuki […]

Educational Bureaucracy Is Not For Me

Author: Tamilore Ajayi The California High School Proficiency Examination saved my life. For two years, I was trapped within the four walls of an education system that […]

False Alarm

Author: Carsan Okamoto Connor hummed a delightful tune as he placed the trap by the front entrance of the school. It was a stark contrast from the […]


Author: Julianna Mendoza To the Clear Perspectives Publication club members, I’ve enjoyed my time being President of this amazing club. I’ve gotten to know creative students in […]