Mak. Carpenter

1st Place Winning Piece!


1st place Winner Fall 2021 Author: Mak Carpenter In the beginning the world was black and white, Colors were absent as the world wept in silence. I stumbled throughout the world in search of splashes of color, hoping for something to brighten the dull planet. The warmer tones came first, bringing me joy, love, happiness,…

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Wisdom or Wit?

Author: Mak. Carpenter Why pick one or the other? Being wise or keen, these are just who someone is. A gift from the gods? A curse from the heavens? Some may see it as both, but in reality all it is is truly up to you. Making the world bland and dull, or choosing to…

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Music Isn’t Heard

Author: Mak. Carpenter Mak. Carpenter “Music Isn’t Heard” Soundless songs are heard around the world, there are no lyrics or instruments, but sights that are alive and felt only through people who know where to find it. Music isn’t heard, rather it’s felt. Music feels like satin dresses, like the anticipation before a performance, the…

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Author: Mak. Carpenter When I was younger, I thought it was normal, to live everyday like I was a puppet. Smiling a nodding, the girl who always smiles they called me, but now that I’m grown, I know it’s a lie. Youth was spent in prison, I just never realized it. My prison was wearing…

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