Julianna Mendoza

Julianna is a poet at heart.


Author: Julianna Mendoza To the Clear Perspectives Publication club members, I’ve enjoyed my time being President of this amazing club. I’ve gotten to know creative students in all different fields. I’ve been a strong believer in practicing being creative in some kind of way either through painting, writing stories, or even poems. I’m glad that […]

Those Healing Hands

Author: Julianna Mendoza Those healing hands What a blessing they are A marvelous tool Wielded by you Those healing hands Work overtime Always pushing through Your perseverance true Because of you We always have hope Looking forward to tomorrow A better brighter day Because of you So many are healed Given a second chance To […]


Author: Julianna Mendoza Mirror, mirror on the wall Where did I go Who did I become Show me the truth I can’t see myself Not anymore I’m lost in him A blurred fuzzy image I changed for him Without even realizing What a toll it took Losing my identity I let myself fall Fell in […]

Once Upon A Time

Author: Julianna Mendoza In a dream I came to a river River of time I sat and saw reflections Slow enough to realize It was my past flowing by There you were Just as I remembered An enjoyable presence In this dream I tried to hold on to you You slipped through my fingers Water […]

A New Job

Author: Julianna Mendoza An inspirational story submitted for the raffle held by ASNC. (one of the winners) one I’ve been working since I graduated high school in 2017 and attending college part- time as a business major. Throughout this time I normally struggled financially because of only working part time. I would always ask myself […]

One With A Song

Author: Julianna Mendoza Tempo starts creeping in I feel the beat deep within Lost in my own mind Lead me into the deep abyss There is my true happiness   You’re right here with me lyrical piper Lift my spirit Be my therapy   Sweet lullaby I’m connected to you And you to me One […]

A Winding Road

Author: Julianna Mendoza With age comes reality, And being petty  Love starts to fade Aches and pain take the front stage Pride blinds the eyes Beginning our own demise   But why go down this winding road? Let your dreams become your reality  Love as deep as the sea Smile through the tough times Knowing […]

A Creature of Water

Author: Julianna Mendoza There I was sitting in a desert Longing to find a spirit oasis And there you were with all your might The most powerful waterfall I’ve seen in my life You truly enticed me to learn how to swim So that this light inside me could never be dimmed  Now a fresh […]