Isaiah Villar

Isaiah enjoys writing songs and expressing himself through music.

The Long Winter

Author: Isaiah Villar The toxins were killing me As I remained resentful Holding my anger so closely I couldn’t let it go The silence between us was as cold As the winter And the blizzard went on Raging inside of my heart Till time went by As the snow thawed out The past gone away […]

Leave It All Behind…

Author: Isaiah Villar I screamed out in a rage when you won the fight Outraged through all the pain you caused in my life Cause you pushed me built up all the hatred inside And I’m so resentful, upset pissed in my mind I’m trying to leave it all behind All the angst built up […]

Down In My Soul

Author: Isaiah Villar I’m stuck on a loop, waiting for more I’m trapped overwhelmed, down on the floor The same old routine has taken its toll And it’s pulling me out down in my soul And it’s always been like this, floating in the midst of it  And nothing more I’m stuck down between the […]