Ibteahal Jneidi

Ibteahal enjoys using her creative writing to shine light onto different topics relevant in the world today.

The Rage Within Her Gaze

Author: Ibteahal Jneidi My name is Hyacinth, Daughter of the person that was behind the destruction that was about to befall this universe. A universe different from the one you reside in now. It is the tale of a king, a healer, a bunch of anxiety driven, and traumatized heroes and their leader, the most […]

The Rage Within Her Gaze Part II

Author: Ibteahal Jneidi As the last of the invited guests entered the palace, the guards at the gate prepared to close them. I placed my sword back in its sheath, took my cloak and fully covered myself. I then jumped off the 55-foot-long gates and smoothly landed in front of the gate. One of the […]

The Rage Within Her Gaze: Part III

Author: Ibteahal Jneidi A different narrator:  My whole life I have struggled with trauma. Due to the murder of … Let us just say that even though I remember everything, it felt like hell sometimes. I was eighteen when it happened, and my brother was sixteen. He suffered from selective amnesia, while I struggled with […]

The Rage Within Her Gaze: Moving Forward

Author: Ibteahal Jneidi What happened after… Madam Hyacinth: After the horrible experience, King Malaki couldn’t care less about the neighboring kingdom and what the aristocrats thought. He decided to go Machiavelli on them, and now the court does not dare oppose him and instead avoid his wrath by appeasing him. I attended one of the […]