Gwendolyn Grass

Gwendolyn reveals an array of deep emotions through her writing that some may fear to express. She pulls from music and shares her writing in hopes to bring awareness and healing to her fellow peers. Sharing vulnerability allows her to express her thoughts and ideas in an artistic manner.

A Little Lost a Little Lonely a Little of Everything

Author: Gwendolyn Grass Content warning: Some language in this poem may cause triggers for those who have depression. The author created her piece in hopes to show others they are not alone. Upside down and feel as though you don’t belong? Feeling alone and life doesn’t make sense? Do you need to escape and find […]


Author: Gwendolyn Grass Days pass by and your sinking into an abyss of darkness   Time moves slowly and the leaves change from an emerald green to a hazel brown It gets darker outside only leaving you gray on the inside Friends are nonexistent at the moment and you no longer speak to them You reach […]


Author: Gwendolyn Grass Freedom- a feeling of true happiness that we as individuals aspire to find yet seems to be nonexistent at certain points in our lives. Fearless, free, and unstoppable is all I feel; time diminishes away behind me and for a quick second my life is complete. The back I sit upon carries […]