Fall 2021 Competition

Congratulations to our Fall 2021 Competition Winners!

First Place “Colors” by Mak. Carpenter

Second Place “If the Stars Could Speak” by Shakira Velasquez

Third Place “Bottle Hearts” by Briar Rose Toyoshiba

Thank you to the following students for submitting their work in this largest Club Competition to date. We honor all creative voices at Norco College!


Author: Marium Hussain  You are the light of my life You’re actually my sun I revolve around you Without you, I would come undone Your drive, your compassion, your warmth Reels in those around you Your unapologetic benevolence Makes you stand out, it’s true  My life is purposeless without you, abbu* I live and breathe […]

Would Be

Author: Cassandra Anderson If only you couldn’t see me. Then I would be free. Not just he or my lady but designated as nobody. I feel more in line with a moss-covered tree than I ever will in a dress that goes down to my knees. I’d take the form of a monster that bends […]


Author: Aaliah Nguyen Alice has a crush on a boy, but not just any boy! This boy that Alice has a crush on isn’t like any other boy you’d imagine. He was tall, handsome, intelligent, sporty, kind-hearted, and giving. Okay, so maybe he’s sort of like those fantasy boys in those fictional romance novels that […]

Merely a Memory

Author: Jolene Verdehyou Mother.  Or all that was left of her.  I saw her merely on the cover of newspapers.  Or through the taste of her sweet pumpkin pie.  She left her once famous recipes now to be mine.  Oh mother. Oh mother.  I miss her, I do.  The sound of her voice now appearing […]