December’s Submissions

Congratulations to our 3 winners! We thank all students that participated in our December Writing Competition. Here is the work of the creative students at Norco Community College.

When Night Comes…

Author: Medical Plagues (1st place Winner!) A man was lying in a bed in a hospital he was taken to some time ago. All he can remember was that he woke up at home in the morning weak and tense. By the time he came down the stairs he collapsed and couldn’t get up. After […]

My Mind

Author: Shakira Velasquez (2nd place Winner!) My mind is a scary place It’s Pandora’s box  but filled with thoughts All too dangerous to keep to myself An ocean of doubt, fear, and worry With waves of feelings that erode my fragile heart Washing away the joyful memories of who I once was  I start to […]

What I Think Is Wrong

Author: Ibteahal Jneidi (3rd place Winner!) So, people raised their voices throughout the years and some have lost their lives instead of gaining justice. They preach about law and order in daylight, And in the dark, they turn to snakes. They, who use their poisons to silence the victims and their wounds, created a ripple […]

The Boy

Anonymous submission for writing competition The boy was on the right path. When he would talk people would laugh. The boy was very friendly, caring and would always smile. As time passed, life changed after a while. One day he told the truth and they took him to jail. The boy spent 24 hours in […]


Author: Gwendolyn Grass Freedom- a feeling of true happiness that we as individuals aspire to find yet seems to be nonexistent at certain points in our lives. Fearless, free, and unstoppable is all I feel; time diminishes away behind me and for a quick second my life is complete. The back I sit upon carries […]