Cynthia McGuire

Cynthia is a poet, fictional writer, and literature analyzer.


Author: Cynthia McGuire got We can just start from the top stream and head up the mountain from there. It’ll save time, I thought as Mona and I made our way up Mountain Dr. into the Mountains behind our houses. Sometimes I’ve felt as though these mountains were our real home. We’ve come up here so […]

Orange Slushie

Author: Cynthia McGuire Frozen crushed slushintertwined with an orange citrus twist.Bright orange sun beams shades of UV raysVitamin D envelopes my skin. The clock strikes 5pmthe sun sets to rest until tomorrows slush arrivessultry shades of yellow, orange, violetconsume the sky’s existence.   My orange slushie has arrivedto cool my heated skinfrom a hot days rays days eternity dispersesas Father […]

Hippopotamus Peak

Author: Cynthia McGuire Hippopotamus Peak,where the clouds convert a portal.yellow, red, green & violet.Moss vibratesclouds will show me the way. Brown mustard dances in the windHippopotamus peak, surrounded.Red leaves rustle in the windguarding. Wild wild weedssoaring in the air bound for the portal. Where when why do I have to decidemy beauty bust and rustthrives.On my […]