Briar Rose Toyoshiba


A student submission for April’s theme of Gratitude “Crystals” Author: Briar Rose Toyoshiba My heart swells and a pink crystal forms in my hands. A faint glow shines from it. The heart shaped rock makes me smile. I wrap the stone in a pretty pink parcel.  I think of my best friend and wrap their…

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Author: Briar Rose Toyoshiba Games are one of the best portals to other worlds. Portals that can take us anywhere we want to be through pixels and C#. A simple click can open a portal to a whole new world.  Up     up        down           left          …

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Bottle Hearts

3rd place winner Fall 2021 Author: Briar Rose Toyoshiba I feel my heart start to sink into the depths. I quickly fish it out before it can fall into the void. The faint glow of red emitting from the bloody bruised organ in my hands.      Boom           Boom              B…oo…m I gently pat it and give it…

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