Bianca Alicia Macias

A Latina and epileptic person aspiring to become a journalist, and perhaps a screenwriter, and poet someday. Inner depth, vivid imagination, curiosity, sensitivity, and a heart for spreading awareness is in the soul of my writing. I seek the truth, and my drive is to share it. I absorb the emotions of my environment then I transcribe them into words. Interpret as you would.

Fleur Hollows and the Medicine Man

Author: Bianca Alicia Macias (1st Place Winner) Pushing good people away into algid conditions, allowing bad people into her space was her curse, and predicting other people was her gift. Doctors labeled her with a cognitive distortion, but to her, the way she thinks and behaves is actually a gift. They said she was a mind-reader, […]

Sunset Misery & New Moons

Author: Bianca Alicia Macias You spend your whole life in love With the hot and distant sun, But you only catch the glistening sunset. You only make it on time to catch its last moments As the curtains of clouds in the sky Close in on the shrinking star Making its cotton candy exit. For […]