Wisdom or Wit?

Author: Mak. Carpenter

Why pick one or the other?

Being wise or keen,

these are just who someone is.

A gift from the gods?

A curse from the heavens?

Some may see it as both,

but in reality all it is

is truly up to you.

Making the world bland and dull,

or choosing to add variety and show.

Make the world something new,

something fun,

something great,

this is how wisdom creates.

Wit is a hard one,

a sword for most,

but a shield for few.

People often hide behind the unspoken mind,

fearing future words,

haunted by past phrases,

taunted by the present.

But wit,

wit has them beat.

Wisdom is a crown,

wear it with pride.

Wit is a blade,

nay a knife,

know its power,

Know your pride.

Let this act as a warning,

and as your guide.

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