Music Isn’t Heard

Author: Mak. Carpenter

Mak. Carpenter

“Music Isn’t Heard”

Soundless songs are heard around the world,

there are no lyrics or instruments,

but sights that are alive and felt

only through people who know where to find it.

Music isn’t heard, rather it’s felt.

Music feels like satin dresses,

like the anticipation before a performance,

the racing of one’s heart when adrenaline is high.

Music isn’t heard, rather it’s tasted.

Music tastes like fresh picked berries in the eyes of spring,

chiles in the heart of summer,

cinnamon and cloves at end of fall,

or the sparkling cider in depth of winter.

Music is felt by me, who knows what to look for

Music looks like my uniform and teammates,

like the Disney cast member name tag,

like the smile on my face when acceptance letters came in.

Music is felt by coming home,

music is felt when I see my family,

when I see people speaking my languages,

when people stop looking at me like a freak, 

and more of an equal.

Music isn’t heard, 

but seen through the eyes of humanity.

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