I Told the Stars About You

Author: Shakira Velasquez (2nd Place Winner)

I told the stars about you 
He grinned 
And cried my heart out to the moon 
I complained about how they left one of their own here on earth
A soul far too bright and far too pure 
For us mere humans to ever deserve 
She rolled her eyes and scoffed 
I would’ve done the same to the sun 
But the old bastard was still asleep 
She giggled at that
And when the sound of her saccharine voice reached his ears 
He wondered 
If all the other angels fell as sweetly as she did 
From her radiant position up in the heavens 
They told me 
He continued 
That you were lonely up there 
And that loneliness 
Is a silent type of beauty
Better spent with someone else
So they wrapped you up all nicely 
And sent you down on your way
Where you found me 
And lit up the lonely void of my existence  
And for that I thank the sun, stars, and moon
For giving me their precious North Star 
She laughed again 
Yet this time 
It sounded a bit empty 
As if she suddenly reminisced about something sad 
Then she looked up 
Up at the place she had supposedly left behind 
At the blue velvet sky she once called home
And sighed 
But at the end of the day
she paused, taking a deep breath
all I am... 
is a mere star in a galaxy full of constellations

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