Too Young, Too Dumb, Too Numb

Author: Alexander Tucker

Restoration, what comes to the mind is the story of renewal
Unfortunate, because I can’t seem to bring my mind to remove her

We build up a connection, tell each other we’ll never give up on each other
But when the time comes, we both knew it was a play of love
Dedication is the tools we thought we knew, but that was before we both became tools

This story is the story of love and the same story of love you’ve heard a million times before
What a tragedy, what a romance, what a perfect ending that never comes.

Yeah, I’ve heard it time and time again, but will I learn too late?
Focus on your own heart, build yourself up, and stop having withdrawals
Those messages won’t come again, and your desperation is a red stop sign to your life
Break free before it’s too late, or lose the chances of the future and the love that matters

Am I strong enough to focus on the heart of my own, or will I keep trying to hand it to another person?

Nature gives us bodies intended to procreate when the drives kick in, but nature never intended the impact of civilization.

They tell me I’m too young, but they quiet down when I ask when they’ve had a girlfriend.
Yeah, that’s right, your mind is too immature, but that never stopped you from losing your innocence. Did it?

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