Sunset Misery & New Moons

Author: Bianca Alicia Macias

You spend your whole life in love 
With the hot and distant sun,
But you only catch the glistening sunset. 

You only make it on time to catch its last moments
As the curtains of clouds in the sky
Close in on the shrinking star
Making its cotton candy exit. 

For you there’s no effort to see the sun 
It’s there to see when you want,
But now it is gone.

Regret and heart ache fill you,
 As you lose it to the horizon
Where it belongs.
Now you endure alone in the dark,
Against the coldest ocean breeze.  
After everything you once knew 
Is unfairly blown away.  

When the sun says goodbye, 
At  least you still have the moon. 
The moon will talk back to you,
Even though it won’t shine as bright. 
Going through phases
Of  illumination and dimness. 

But you never got up too early anyways
To catch the sun rise. 
To watch the sun enter your day,
And light up your life. 

Weather permitting,
That's because it’s absence is your medicine.
Though the sun you did love
All along it gave you cancer. 

So deep down you want the moon to hold you closer
In its palm 
like a tiny dancer. 

Well if you desire to quietly stare 
As you lose yesterday's sun to the horizon
And talk to the new moon when it’s dark
Why does watching the sunset 
Still feel so hard?

Heal yourself fragile heart
Close your eyes instead of watching the sun fade away. 
Let the moon love you,
It wants to anyway. 


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