Author: Julianna Mendoza

Photo by Tasha Kamrowski on
Mirror, mirror on the wall
Where did I go
Who did I become
Show me the truth
I can't see myself
Not anymore
I'm lost in him
A blurred fuzzy image
I changed for him
Without even realizing
What a toll it took
Losing my identity 
I let myself fall
Fell in love 
Through air & dreams
Landing on his planet
I need to get back
Back to my planet
To who I was
Once before
Let love be my fuel
Love for me
Passion & goals
This will lead me there

I’m now front and center
The main character
I’m finding myself again
All the missing pieces 

I see myself appearing
There I am
My true reflection 
How I missed you

Mirror, mirror on the wall
I won't lose me
Not again
I'm here to stay

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