Loving What Was Once Loved

Author: Sunami E. Galicia

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com
Sun bright
A sky with clouds
A plant small in height
Children loud

Loved by the children 
But forgotten by the children
The plant was growing steady and strong
It was slowly falling and dying
But then it was loved and watered again

Swayed with the wind ever so lightly
Dazzled by the sun ever so brightly
Loving the rain ever so greatly
Missing the love ever more so with hope

Sun is setting
A sky with many clouds
A plant still growing
Children still loud

Favored by the children
Forgotten by the children
The plant once steady
It is now dying ever so slowly
But a pair of eyes upon it

It was slowly withering
It was dying, not growing
It was droopy and not happy
It was so very thirsty

Eyes upon it with pity
No longer forgotten 
Rain falling upon it as well as other plants
Slowly it was rising 
A child approaches it, giving an oath
To be kept hydrated
To kept being loved and watered every day
Never to wither
Sun above in the sky
Clear sky with no clouds
A plant blooming from its love
Loved by the children to never wither again

Forgotten by most of the children
Loved by one child
It’s given love will not be hidden
Its thirst will not hide
Never will it suffer again but to always grow with love

It stands so tall
It will not fall
Stem strong
Its growth will be long
And forever it will be loved

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