When Jasmines Bloom in Kamihama: Chapter 1

Author: Medical Plagues

the park at night
Artist: OiMax


“Puella Magi Madoka Magica” and the side story, “Magia Record,” belong to the Magica Quartet (Gen Urobuchi, Akiyuki Shinbo, Ume Aoki, and Atsuhiro Iwakami), Aniplex, and Shaft. This is a fanfiction story, and it is considered non-canon. Please support the official release.

Author’s Note: For those new to the story, here are links the prologue:

Prologue Part 1

Prologue Part 2

Prologue Part 3

Act 4: The Ranger and The Paladin

After getting a quick tour around Kamihama, Haru and I were able to return to the hotel where my father and Daremo were staying.  Thanks to the tour, we were able to tell all the wards in Kamihama that my father is opening up a flower festival to help raise funds for hurricane relief efforts.

Daremo is sitting on a sofa near a coffee table. She is organizing an incomplete deck of Lenormand Cards with a concerned look on her face. My father looks over her for a friend while he’s in Kamihama.

My father has just finished making dinner in the kitchen. He made the usual: beef steak with broccoli, steamed white rice, and pancit canton noodles. He always cooked this food with my mother’s help. Even with her gone, the taste and smell of the food remain the same, reminding me of home.

During dinner, we told him about the tour we got from the locals. Haru mentioned that I fell in love, which isn’t true — I don’t see Tsuruno that way. Other than that, Haru and I also told him about the little tour that we had around Kamihama. My father suggested that I bring Daremo next time I hang out with the locals.

As we ate, my father wanted to know more about the locals. We told him about the Magical Girls here and the truth about the hurricane that hit Kamihama. He didn’t seem that surprised by all this but he did look vexed about the name Tsuruno.

Those were the only conversations we brought to the dinner table.

For the record, my father knows about my wish and my “Magical Boy” identity. A Magical Girl’s wish is supposed to change lives, including memories; In my case, my father wasn’t affected. He also has a fair amount of knowledge about how Magical Girls work, so it’s fine for me to talk to him about this stuff. Yet, it feels odd that he knows about such things.

After dinner, when Haru and Daremo head to bed, I decide to go out at night. The city still thrived. When I took about ten steps away from the hotel, my father quickly caught me

“Going somewhere, Yuuki?” My father asked. He was leaning against a wall next to the hotel entrance.

I almost jumped. I then turned to face him. “I… I couldn’t sleep.”

“It’s the letters you write to your mother,” My father guessed, “Hey, let’s have a chat as we walk, then I’ll leave you on your stroll.”

My father is always kind; sure, there were times he would be upset and even downright angry, but that is when he reaches his limits. Mother would always be there to cool things down, but with her gone, he sought ways to mellow out.. 

I couldn’t say no to his offer now that he mentioned my mother. Usually, I’m embarrassed and awkward around him but what can I do? 

He took me to a nearby park. It was empty, but it’s a fitting place for a nightly stroll. 

“I have a confession to make to you now that you’re here,” my father began, “The flower festival isn’t the only reason I brought you along.”

“It’s not?” I felt a bit curious. 

My father gave a nod. “I wanted to build a resting place for your mother here.” I could tell that he was having trouble explaining; he tends to pause at times when he is nervous. “Arrangements are already made to give her a proper burial in one of the wards. It just feels right to pay respects to her together here, in Kamihama, her hometown.” 

This is the first time I ever heard my father talk about my mother like this. He usually talks about the good times we had with her and the romantic times with her. She is currently buried in the United States in the Forest Lawn in Covina, California; My father and I don’t like to talk much about the funeral there.

“Father… that is the most generous thing you can do for mother,” I complimented, “Wait, how did you get the money to arrange the burial?”

“Well, like for the flower festival, she had a lot of connections with Kamihama,” my father answered sheepishly.

“You think mother would approve of my actions for the past six years?” I asked. “Would she accept me as this ‘Magical Girl or Boy’?”

“Magical or not…..” My father paused for almost a minute. “I’m sure she would still love you all the same just as I would.”

We proceeded to stroll a bit more. I’m enjoying my father’s company more as we talked.

“So that whole hurricane thing turned out to be the great witch, Walpurgisnacht, causing disaster?” My father processed what I told him during dinner. “I guess the Magical Girls that you encountered had a lot to tell.”

“Not really,” I corrected, “They seem to be moving along. I heard they formed this ‘Kamihama Magia Union’ with the focus to expand a purification system to the world to help Magical Girls.”

“Hmmm… Sounds difficult,” my father commented.

“I’m sure they can handle whatever trouble comes to Kamihama after that ordeal.” I stopped for a moment to stretch. 

“It’s wise not to intervene in such matters.” My father stopped as well. “I had to learn the hard way when it comes to meddling. It always upset your mother, but she has always been able to get me out of trouble.”

“You weren’t that bright back then, were you?” I looked at my father with an eyebrow raised.

“I had a lot to learn in life, and here I am now,” my father replied, “Anyway, I think I should return to the hotel now.”

“Do you have some calls to make regarding the flower festival?” It’s an easy guess for me.

“Of course, but not just that. Au revoir, mon enfant.” My father walked off while giving a small wave to me.

I waved back and quietly replied, “Paalam na po…”

There were some other thoughts that I wanted to tell him, but I doubt he would understand. Those thoughts are two questions that I and those other Kamihama Magical Girls were trying to figure out ever since that meeting in Mitama’s shop; It was never brought up completely. What is the strange Grief Seed that Haru and I found back at the university? Why are there witches in a city where a purification system prevents their existence? 

As my father left me alone in the park, I began to hear someone hum from somewhere in the park’s trees. I listened carefully to the humming, and I recognized the tune to be the aria, Queen of the Night, from Mozart’s opera, The Magic Flute. It’s a pretty haunting song, but the way she sang it is more playful than what the song is about.

When I looked up at one of the trees, I noticed this strange girl sitting on one of the branches. Her outfit was that of a jester, specifically in the Mardi Gras style. A mask covered her eyes. I won’t go into detail about how the outfit looked for now. 

After she finished her humming, she quickly slid off the tree and landed on her feet. She then stepped towards me with a smile before leaning forward to take a closer look at me. I felt pretty uncomfortable about the way she’s examining me.

“Uh… can I help you?” I asked. 

The jester gave a giggle and stopped leaning. “You do have your mother’s eyes. Too bad she’s dead from what I heard.”

“You know my mother?” This almost alarmed me. “Who are you?”

The Jester kept smiling and shook her head. “My name is Tulliola the Lesser, Niece of Cicero. You can say my uncle had some connections.”

My next question seemed odd, but I asked it out of suspicion. “Are you a magical girl?”

“Oh, please, why would I give my soul away for that kind of magic?” Tulliola responded. 

“Then what’s up with the outfit?” I questioned.

“The circus is in town.” Tulliola sounded like she was joking. “A simple family business trip to Japan to attend someone’s flower festival.”

“You mean my father’s flower festival?” I guessed.

“Yes, that festival.” Tulliola placed her index and middle finger on her chin. “I have to say, Kamihama is a lovely place to live in if you get past the world of Magical Girls.”

“Right.” Something felt off about her stay in Kamihama, so I pressed her. “But seriously, what are you here for?”

Then Tullioa replied with this eerie grin: “Your family’s lives.”

That answer alarmed me. I stepped forward to take off my badge and turn it into my Soul Gem. But as I was about to respond, Tulliola delivered a quick thrust with a dagger. She went for my Soul Gem but stopped once the blade was too close to it. She didn’t break the gem, but the tip of her dagger gently touched the surface.

I thought I was going to die that night. If the Soul Gem shattered, I would’ve lost my soul and therefore my life.

Tulliola gave another giggle and pulled the dagger away. I kept my Soul Gem in my hand and held it tight. Then I took a few steps away from her.

“What do you have against my family?” I questioned.

“Let’s say a ‘friend’ sends his regards about 10 years late.” I then saw Tulliola take out two more daggers and juggled them around. “And my uncle sends his regards too, and I am his courier.”

“And what are those regards?” I wanted to know more about this. 

“Their revenge.” Tulliola caught all three daggers, but she wasn’t caught off guard. She is in a position to throw those daggers at me.

“Not if I have something to say about that.” I’m not letting this clown get close to my father despite how I feel about him.

I wasn’t going to let her get close to my Soul Gem this time. But as I was about to transform into my Magical Boy form, someone called out to me. 

“Yuuki?” It was Tsuruno.

Tulliola gave a “Hmph”, flipped backward, and disappeared without a trace.

Tsuruno looked surprised as she approached me, but she did see Tulliola by the time she arrived.

“Who was that girl?” She asked.

“I don’t really know. I was going to have a stroll through the park and she appeared. She called herself Tulliola.” I felt a bit awkward now that I’m alone with Tsuruno. “What are you doing up late?”

“I was just heading back home after finishing some errands,” she explained, “But I stopped through here after sensing your magic with my Soul Gem.”

“I forget other Magical Girls are able to do that.” I scratched the back of my head. 

For the rest of the night, I decided to end my stroll early and get some sleep. 

There is so much that left me puzzled now. Were there deep secrets that my parents kept from me? What enemies did they make in the past? These are questions that I haven’t asked my father before, but now they’re important to me. 

I won’t let the suspicions bother me. My father said a resting place would be built for my mother, and I look forward to paying respects to her as a family. And I also look forward to the flower festival with a smile and with the friends I’ve made so far in Kamihama.

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