Once Upon A Time

Author: Julianna Mendoza

Photo by Hernan Pauccara on Pexels.com
In a dream
I came to a river
River of time

I sat and saw reflections
Slow enough to realize
It was my past flowing by

There you were
Just as I remembered                   
An enjoyable presence                 

In this dream
I tried to hold on to you
You slipped through my fingers

Water dripped back down
You joined the river
Time took you 

And as I looked over
There you were standing 
No reflection, all skin and bone

Beside a parallel river
One of your own
And you jumped

Trying to grab me 
Hold onto the memories
But time took me

Now here we are
Staring between our two rivers
That take their own paths

I’ll be back to visit
The sweet memories at
The river of time

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