Leave It All Behind…

Author: Isaiah Villar

Photo by Zeeshaan Shabbir on Pexels.com
I screamed out in a rage when you won the fight
Outraged through all the pain you caused in my life
Cause you pushed me built up all the hatred inside
And I’m so resentful, upset pissed in my mind

I’m trying to leave it all behind 
All the angst built up all your crimes
But the thought of you still burns deep inside
Oh, I hate I’m alone on this 
Irritated by your voice in my head
Memories that aggravate me every night
I fumed out into flames as I walked out the room
Loathing your voice, your tune, the colors that you hide
Cause you pushed me built up all the anger inside
Deep down, I wonder why I can’t just leave it all in time