When Jasmines Bloom in Kamihama: Prologue Part III

Author: Medical Plagues


“Puella Magi Madoka Magica” and the side story, “Magia Record,” belong to the Magica Quartet (Gen Urobuchi, Akiyuki Shinbo, Ume Aoki, and Atsuhiro Iwakami), Aniplex, and Shaft. This is a fanfiction story, and it is considered non-canon. Please support the official release.

Act 3: A Proper Kamihama Welcome

Tsuruno Yui… A Kamihama girl full of energy… The so-called “Mightiest Magical Girl.”

This girl that I bumped into earlier is now the Magical Girl who sort-of saved my life. Something about her energy and style makes me feel…

What am I saying? Look where I am right now.

After the fight with the witch, Tsuruno and the two Magical Girls with her told us we need to see The Coordinator. They say she is Kamihama’s shopkeeper and a Magical Girl who provides service as long as you pay her in Grief Seeds. Her service mostly provides the adjustment of one’s magical powers.

The blue halberdier Magical Girl is Yachiyo Nanami. A known fashion model in Kamihama. She is considered a veteran Magical Girl with more than 7 years of experience. Tsuruno calls her “Master Yachiyo” for some reason. She was the one who suggested seeing the Coordinator, and on the way there, she phone-called five other Magical Girls.

The blonde mercenary in purple who wielded that huge hammer is Felicia Mitsuki. She is one of the few girls who is friends with Yachiyo and Tsuruno. She has this huge hatred for Witches—probably from past trauma. She doesn’t seem happy to see me even though this is the first time we’ve met.

Haru and I were taken to the outskirts of Kamihama’s Shinsei Ward despite Haru’s protests. The building where The Coordinator resides appears to be an abandoned building, but when we enter, the rooms are illuminated in shades of blue and white. The windows are a stained glass of white and cyan. A sofa, a few chairs, a few lamps, and some furniture are present in the room.

The Coordinator herself is a teenaged Magical Girl in a lovely vest and dress made from blue, white, and black fabrics. It’s adorned with a bit of gold and sapphires. Her entire outfit reminds me of the kind that a circus ringleader wears. She has long silver hair tied up into a bun and ponytail, and her hair is accessorized with a sapphire brooch with black ribbons and a blue flower hairpin. She is really welcoming but has this mysterious vibe that I can’t analyze. She does go by another name — Mitama Yakumo.

It was all quiet in the room at first. Haru and I provided small talk about who we are, where we’re from, and what we’re doing in Kamihama. After about half an hour, the other Magical Girls came and they filled them in about me and Haru.

The first two girls are two light-pink haired girls who wore a uniform similar to Tsuruno’s. One is older — likely around 15 — and has her hair tied back along with two braided locks of hair. The other is young — I’m guessing around 11 — with two locks of hair adorned with a red bead and two locks of hair adorned with a red bead and red ribbon.  Mitama addresses them as Iroha Tamaki and Ui Tamaki respectively which indicate that they are either sisters or close relatives.

The third Magical Girl that came has green hair and eyes. Her hair is tied into two wavy pigtails on the sides with yellow hair bands. She wore a dress uniform that’s purple with white sleeves, black leggings, and brown shoes. Felicia addresses this timid girl as Sana Futaba.

The last two Magical Girls that arrive are around Ui’s age. One is a girl in a green school uniform and brown beret with russet hair and eyes. She is quite intelligent and, despite her age, has a strong magic coming from her. The other girl has light brown hair and violet eyes, and she’s in a red uniform. She sits in a remote-controlled wheelchair — I’m guessing due to either injury or a disability. She too also has some strong magic similar to the other girl. They introduce themselves to me and Haru as Touka Satomi and Nemu Hiiragi respectively.

Touka proclaims to be this creator of Kamihama’s “purification system” and the barrier that contains it. It has something to do with converting impurities in our Soul Gems into a new ability called Doppels.

Nemu is a renowned story-writer with a number of online stories published. I’ve heard of her before, but I never got to read any of her stories. She also claims to have some involvement in the system that Touka created, and it came at a cost of her ability to walk.

Haru and I couldn’t believe that two girls so young were able to create a solution to saving Magical Girls from the fate of becoming witches. Yet, everyone in the room confirmed their achievement and the sacrifices made.

Once everyone was here, there were so many questions they had about me, the “Magical Boy.” How did I get the powers? How was I able to make a contract with Kyubey if the contracts are only given to girls? They even asked about my Voithos, Mrs. Kupido, and the Lenormand Card and whether or not that’s my Magical Girl power. Then came wild speculations. There was even a conversation that I consider akin to a medical team trying to come up with a diagnosis.

Then, Nemu gave the spot light to me saying: “Why don’t we let the boy explain it himself.”

“I think that’s better,” Yachiyo agreed.

I had to break the ice and answer honestly.

“Look, girls, I hate to break it to all of you, but you got it all wrong,” I told them, “It’s a tad more complicated than you think.”

The origins of how I became this “Magical Boy” have always made me anxious. But in this situation, it was best to bring it up in order to settle them down. I gulped and began to tell my story:

“Before I made my contract with Kyubey, I was originally a girl. I lost my mother when I was only 10-years-old. She died of cancer. For the next two years, I ended up becoming a victim of bullying from other girls. They even made fun of my sexuality, which led to a rumor that made me lose my boyfriend and then my friends. I had to be pulled out of school by my father who decided to home-school me. At the age of 12, I was on edge, and I wanted to end my life, but that’s when Kyubey came in and offered me a contract. I weighed my options and made the wish to start my life all over, but not as a girl. Kyubey warned me that a life as a Magical Boy will be different from a Magical Girl. I was willing to risk it. So, my wish was that — to start my life over as a boy. After that, I’ve spent four years with this new body with little problem.”

Haru was leaning back and looking at the ceiling while listening to my story. She has heard my backstory so many times from me, but every time I tell that story, she always feels bummed out.

Everyone went silent after hearing the story. The questioning and interrogation stopped there. Mitama the Coordinator was almost crying. Touka was eager to question my magic and my experience as a “Magical Boy.” Yet, the mood in the room right now shows it wasn’t a good time to ask. 

Instead, Touka replied with what I should consider a compliment: “If that’s what happened, you are one of the rarest cases of a magical boy, and the first to come to Kamihama.”

“Your story is really tragic,” Sana sympathized, “But I’m glad you’re okay.”

“I never knew a girl would wish for that,” Tsuruno commented.

“Sorry we were asking so many questions,” Iroha apologized for everyone, “We may have misunderstood you.” She was giving a sheepish smile.

Yachiyo sighed and decided to move the conversation along. “Next, we want to ask about that card of yours and the being that came with it. You called it a Voithos?”

“What exactly is that?” Touka looked interested in my power.

It worried me that they’d want to know about this power, so I warned them, “I vowed to my father not to tell anyone, so promise me that this information never leaves this room.” 

Most of the girls nod in agreement.

I took out my Lenormand card, The Heart, from my shoulder bag. I then looked at Haru and she rolled her eyes before showing her Lenormand card hidden under her armband that she usually wears that’s labeled: “Win-Win.” Her card depicted a generic red flower with a few leaves and a three-leaf clover; it’s labeled “Clover” and has the number two on one corner and a small six of diamonds suit on the other corner. We placed the two cards on the surface of a table for everyone to see.

“My father tells me there are these fortune telling cards that contain a sliver of great power. He said it would disrupt a status quo in a universe or something like that.” I tried not to complicate things. “The being that manifested with the help of my card is called a Voithos which is my lifeforce manifested. These cards are not one of my magical powers, but it’s a power that comes from outside this universe.” I took my card back. Haru did the same. “I only use this power for emergencies and away from public and Magical Girl eyes. It’s for my father’s sake.”

Now everyone seems shocked to hear that this Voithos power is outside the universe, but it seems they’ve experienced things outside this universe before. I can tell by various looks of concern, suspicion, and interest.

“I assume your father gave it to you as a gift?” Yachiyo asked.

I gave her a nod. “That’s correct.”

“Then what about Haru, why does she get one?” Mitama sounded confused as if she was processing the information about Voithos.

“The only reason I was granted one was because Yuuki’s father wanted him to have a friend-slash-fighting-partner,” Haru noted with a smirk and a fake cowboy accent. I’m not impressed.

“So now that we know, what are you two exactly staying in Kamihama for?” Tsuruno changed the topic which I appreciated.

“Well, we’re supposed to be advertising a flower festival that my Father has arranged in Kamihama,” I answered, “Something about raising funds to help reconstruct the city after that hurricane a few months ago.”

“Oh, I think I heard about that from my father this morning!” I’m surprised that Tsuruno knew.

“Hurricane?” Iroha looked to Yachiyo with discomfort.

“He must mean Walpurgisnacht,” Yachiyo mentioned. She has this same look of discomfort.

I notice Haru cross her arms and lean forward with interest. We’ve heard of Walpurgisnacht before, and I have a wild guess what Haru is going to rudely ask. That powerful witch was supposed to come and bring destruction, but it has come and gone?

“The Walpurgisnacht? Did that witch have something to do with the hurricane here?!” Haru is going to say it; I can see it with the shocked and annoyed look on her face. “Don’t tell us you defeated it without us?!”

“Haru, calm down.” I rolled my eyes, “It’s already done.”

“We defeated it alright, nearly every Magical Girl in Kamihama was involved!” Tsuruno sounded proud about it.

“You can say it was a team effort.” Iroha didn’t seem to make a big deal about it.

“And what’s left to do now is to try and save magical girls,” Touka concluded.

“With all that aside, it reminds me!” I want to keep focus. “We may need some people that know the city. We really need a tour.”

And with that, my month in Kamihama got interesting.

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