What I Think Is Wrong

Author: Ibteahal Jneidi (3rd place Winner!)

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

So, people raised their voices throughout the years and some have lost their lives instead of gaining justice.

They preach about law and order in daylight,

And in the dark, they turn to snakes.

They, who use their poisons to silence the victims and their wounds,

created a ripple of unhealed individuals that continue to hurt from injustice.

They told us to follow rules, but even when the people do, it is never enough.

They expect us to be like sheep, and never question authority.

Since those that sit on a throne, dwell on the ignorance of the majority.

They take, take, take, and some even smile at the suffering of many.

I fear some who gave their lives, fought for a cause that had no meaning.

You may or may not agree, but this is the truth of what I see.

I see those who use their connections to hide the crimes that they have committed.

Those who continue hiding, like wolves in sheep’s clothing.

They instigate others to do the unthinkable and convince them it is worthy.

Because some do not know any better, they fall like a fly in a Venus Trap. 

While others found the truth, and decided to do nothing about it.

Maybe they did not know what to do and felt fear.

Or maybe they knew what needed to be done and still walked away.

Whatever the reason, some are aware of the injustices of the world and ignore it.


Some listen, and react, without questioning anything or anyone.


I keep asking myself, are people so blind to the truth?

Are they blind to history?

The past that was full of wars, massacres, deaths, battles, loss, pain, grief…

Need I go on?

Is this how humanity is supposed to live, like animals in a prairie that have no governance?

All they do is dominate, to remain in their precious throne.

While others are sacrificed and suffer because of their selfish decisions. 

IS this what you call justice?

Is this how reality is supposed to look like, a dark surface filled with evil deeds?

The homeless, starving with no shelter,

the mentally ill, disrespected and untreated,

starving children, that have no hand to hold,

human trafficking and sex trafficking, leaving victims with scars and frustrations beyond explanations, 

human rights being ignored all over the globe, while some that have influence use it, but others continue to live in hell.

Corruption, power, greed, the poor getting poorer, the voices on the streets getting louder, organizations that say they want to help, but abuse their power for their own benefits, those that hold prejudice are increasing, while those that just want peace of mind keep disappearing…

The list goes on, so need I waste my breath and explain the obvious?

Injustice exists!

It is as real as you or me, but they let it pass by in the wind, ignored and forgotten.

What I think is wrong is that this will never end. Or will it?

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