The Boy

Anonymous submission for writing competition

Photo by Simon Migaj on
The boy was on the right path.
When he would talk people would laugh.
The boy was very friendly, caring and would always smile.
As time passed, life changed after a while.
One day he told the truth and they took him to jail.
The boy spent 24 hours in prison and luckily made bail.
Went back to school, but nothing was the same.
The boy’s thoughts became that of a pessimistic; and deep down inside felt lame.
The boy lost his sense of happiness, worth and drive.
He loses all hope and just tries to remember his purpose of why.
He tries to pick up where he left off, but can’t seem to make progress.
The boy finds himself in a negative mindset and unintentionally digresses.
All he wants to do is grow from the boy he is and be a man while he achieves.
Until then, every day is a test, he must push forward and in himself he must believe.


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