Author: Gwendolyn Grass

Captured by: Gwendolyn Grass

Freedom- a feeling of true happiness that we as individuals aspire to find yet seems to be nonexistent at certain points in our lives.

Fearless, free, and unstoppable is all I feel; time diminishes away behind me and for a quick second my life is complete. The back I sit upon carries its own elegance and beauty which is an animal far different from the rest. An animal that is strong, free spirited, and wild, which is something I find in myself every time I ride. I trust myself and take a leap of faith and once in the air it’s as if I’m flying in the sky. Time seems to stop for those few moments and for once I am free. Free from insecurities, free from those who doubted me, and free from negative thoughts that seem to dwindle across my mind. 

My life is complete 

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