An Inspirational Story

Author: Candice Luis

An inspirational story submitted for the raffle held by ASNC. (one of the winners)

Photo by Askar Abayev on

one Hello, my name is Candice Luis, and I want to tell you my story. Growing up, I did not have grandparents I was close to or even really knew who they were since my mother’s parents passed away before I was born. I only had my dad’s parents. My grandma lived up North, and my grandpa lived in a different city not close to where I lived. Before I was born, my mother was dating someone whose parents took my mother, sister, and brothers in and treated them like family even after my mom and their son broke up. When I came along my mother asked her ex boyfriend’s parents to be my Godparents, and they happily accepted. While growing up, I not only had them as Godparents they also became my grandparents and treated me and my siblings just like their other grandchildren. Every holiday, birthday, and family gathering was always at their house, and I truly felt like they were my biological grandparents. As I got older, I always went to my grandma for advice, and when I lived with my dad for a while and was kicked out, my grandparents took me in and let me live with them. I can truly say I was blessed with some awesome Godparents, and when my Nina passed away, it broke my heart. I always thought she would live long enough to meet my husband and kids. Although my Nino lived longer and was able to meet my husband, sadly he passed away a couple of months before I had my first son. Now, years later, I’m having my second baby and wished both my Godparents were here to meet my children. I will always cherish the memories I have of them, and as my children get older, I will make sure to tell them all of the wonderful stories I have of my grandparents.

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