A New Job

Author: Julianna Mendoza

An inspirational story submitted for the raffle held by ASNC. (one of the winners)

one I’ve been working since I graduated high school in 2017 and attending college part- time as a business major. Throughout this time I normally struggled financially because of only working part time. I would always ask myself what I was gaining from these random part-time jobs other than money. I was concerned with how I could turn these part-time jobs into a stepping stone to something full-time where I could get more professional experience.

one My goal was to become an office assistant for the county I live in, so I started the application process in January 2020, very hopeful to see what new opportunities would come about. Sadly the pandemic hit and really changed the course of everything. While I received unemployment, I had this bittersweet outlook. I was so happy to be making 3 times more money not working than what I did when I was always trying my best at work. On the other hand, I started to question why I was trying so hard for a minimum wage job that caused so much unnecessary stress. This gave me more motivation to find a better job because I knew unemployment wouldn’t last forever. 

one I found a sales job that paid more than minimum wage, and I took it in August. If I’m being completely honest, I don’t like sales because I don’t feel like a good person, but I needed a source of income. Since I wasn’t very happy at work, I decided to become the president of the Clear Perspectives: Publication club, where I felt I was doing good helping run a club that allowed the student body to have a creative outlet. This helped me find joy with school rather than my work.

one Then all of the sudden, when the world seemed to be on the path back to normal, I got 3 interviews for an office assistant job within the county. I sat down and looked at all the life experience I gained from college and my random part time jobs and got ready for the interviews. The first one wasn’t great—having a phone interview with 4 people at once was something I wasn’t used to. Luckily the second one went a lot smoother. The second interview was on a Wednesday at 11am. I got a call with a job offer the same day 2 hours later! I was so happy that I finally got a job where I would get my weekends off ALL THE TIME, HOLIDAYS OFF with no begging and bargaining, and MEDICAL BENEFITS! Now I can clearly see how all the little part time jobs taught me lessons and skills that prepared me for this new better job. I started this process in January, and finally got to start my new job this November. It did take a long time to get here, but that’s why this little accomplishment means so much more.

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