When Jasmines Bloom in Kamihama: Prologue Part II

Author: Medical Plagues

Artist: Sasagi Koushi


“Puella Magi Madoka Magica” and the side story, “Magia Record,” belong to the Magica Quartet (Gen Urobuchi, Akiyuki Shinbo, Ume Aoki, and Atsuhiro Iwakami), Aniplex, and Shaft. This is a fanfiction story, and it is considered non-canon. Please support the official release.

Act 2: Kamihama’s Best and Mightiest

Haru and I are tracking the magic of a witch all the way to Kamihama City University — the institution where we were going to visit. We came to the place as visitors.

Haru is using her egg-shaped gem to locate a witch. 

A few students and staff were present, and there are probably a number of students away for spring break. A witch tends to prey on anyone indiscriminately, but sometimes they have their preferences. For example, some witches target hospitals where patients are easy prey, or they can target places notorious for suicide attempts.

Haru tracked the witches’ magic down to an empty gymnasium. A strange wall of darkness and abstract shape stood in the center. A symbol is marked on this wall — a witch’s kiss. This is a gateway to the witch’s lair. 

“And here they are,” Haru confirmed, “Let’s enter this lair before they cause trouble.”

With a single twirl, Haru transforms in a flash. She is dressed in a black pleated skirt, a black buttoned shirt with a white sailor collar and a sailor tie, black socks with brown shoes, and a green kimono-styled overcoat with yellow and pink floral patterns all over. A brass choker is around her neck with a spade-shaped emerald. She is armed with two Kama sickles with chains attached to the ends of the handles.

I followed after by striking a pose. After my own transformation, I’m dressed up as a gunslinger in a brown and grey Victorian tuxedo, a grey wide-brimmed hat with silver and opal brooch, black boots, and cerulean cape. I still kept my french braid ponytail. In my left hand is a Colt .45 with the word “Trinidad” engraved in gold cursive on the barrel. In my right hand is a spadroon with a leather handle, a silver alloy hilt, and a steel blade gilded in periwinkle geometric patterns. A scabbard came along with it and is attached to a belt around my waist.

You see, Haru and I are magical girls. Actually, Haru is a magical girl. I’m technically a magical boy — more on that later.

We were granted wishes from this cat-thing named Kyubey. And after that, we were granted magical powers and tasked with fighting witches and stuff. There’s also our souls housed in these “soul gems” and maintaining their purity, but Haru and I knew the consequences. Our bodies are technically a husk.

On the other side of the gateway, there are dark abstract halls of the witch. Every witch has their unique lair, and every witch has their minions, called Familiars, to guard it. Oddly, this one doesn’t have those minions, and this lair is pretty small compared to lairs that are commonly vast. 

The chamber where the witch resides was a simple circular room filled with grills, stoves, and hanging meat circling the center. The walls were covered in webs of red flesh and eyeless terrified faces.

At the center of this chamber is the witch itself. The witches aren’t old women dressed in black robes and pointy hats and riding brooms. These witches are more grotesque and monstrous than what we generally depict them. Each one varies in shape, size, and appearance. This one appears to be this burger with a pair of feet and hands coming out of the buns. The hands held two yellow cornucopias filled with eyeballs. Between those hands are the upper body of some red demon with yellow horns.

Get this, these witches used to be Magical Girls, and they became a witch by either falling into despair or failing to maintain a gem’s purity. 

Haru and I work together to survive and prevent the same fate. As for these fallen Magical Girls, there’s nothing we can do but put them out of their misery.

The witch is idle at the moment, and Haru and I are keeping our distance for the time being. Our goal when dealing with a witch is to kill it as soon as possible while using the least amount of magic at our disposal. 

We’ve dealt with a number of witches before, and we usually get rewarded with Grief Seeds for it. They are these black orb-like things that are dropped by witches, and they absorb impurities that taint our gems.

While we kept our distance, I looked to Haru to develop a strategy. She is the one that usually makes the plan, and I cooperate with her to execute it. 

I’m going to be brief about this half of the fight. It’s too embarrassing.

Let’s just say a snare trap wasn’t the best idea — Haru and I got stuck in some sauce, and flames from the grills and stove were all over the place. The witch creeped towards us and looked down; it was going to gobble us whole.

At that moment of being a rock in a hard place, some Magical Girls came to our aid: a blue halberdier, an energetic Tessen martial artist in orange, and a blonde unyielding mercenary in purple. 

And that tessen martial artist, the girl in orange, was the first to come in and divert the spread to the flames. It turned out that she is the same girl that I bumped into earlier. She find’s Haru and me with parts of our legs stuck to the floor thanks to the sauce.

“Fear not! I, Tsuruno Yui, The Mightiest Magical Girl, am here to help! And I’m not alone!” The girl in orange closed her iron fans and looked at us. “You should be more careful when fighting witches. Especially when they’re in Kamihama.”

“Take this!” I then saw the blonde mercenary in purple charge in, take a leap, and deliver a whack with her large hammer. After that, she landed close to the tessen martial artist.

The hit left the witch in a staggered state.

“Hey, you’re that boy I bumped into a while ago,” the girl who calls herself Tsuruno recognizes me. “Wait, why are you dressed like a Magical girl—?”

As much as I would’ve liked to answer her question, now isn’t the time!

“Miss, don’t ask right now,” I responded, “Also you and your friend got stuck in the sauce. It’s adhesive!”

The moment those two magical girls realize that, they are already stuck. When I checked on the blue halberdier, she too was stuck, and flames were closing in on her. Those flames were also closing in on us.

At this point, I had to use another power that my father told me is “not from this universe”—whatever that means. He also told me to keep this a secret, but right now, it’s an emergency.

While my arms and hands are not touching the adhesive sauce, I sheathed my spadroon and took out a card from a pocket on my vest.

The card is from a Lenormand Fortune-Telling Deck. It depicts a white-winged red heart in a beige field. The card is labeled “Heart” with the number 24 on the upper left and a small image of the jack of hearts poker card on the upper right. 

I can tell that most of the eyes are on me. They’re going to have to trust me on what I’m about to do.

With one deep breath, I call out to whatever lies beyond this universe.

“With the Lenormand Card, The Heart, I call my Voithos out once more!” I conjured before pointing the card towards the witch. “Mrs. Kupido! Come to my aid!”

A patch of flames appeared next to me in the shape of a heart. When it rose, it glowed a hot pink. Then as the flames went out, a seven-feet two-inch humanoid dragon appeared in mid air before landing on their feet.

The Dragon’s scales are a creamy white with the underside being a lighter shade of white. Her long wavy mane is a mulberry color. Her ears are wing-like and her horns are curved and pointed back like an anoa. Her mouth is closer to a bird than a lizard, and their teeth are spade-shaped. Her dragon eyes are yellow with amber irises, and mascara decorates around their eye. 

The dragon smiled at me and gave a formal curtsy. “And what can I do for you, master?”

“Burn my enemy to cinders!” I commanded. “With a pillar of fire, Flamethrower of Love!”

“Alrighty! One dragon breath attack, coming right—” Then Mrs. Kupido breathed out greek fire at the witch before it could come to its senses.

The flames started incinerating the witch from the bottom to top. It wailed in pain, dropped its cornucopias full of eyeballs and stomped around.

“Woah!” Tsuruno is amazed.

“That attack!” The mercenary in purple is also amazed.

It sounded like they’ve never seen a Voithos before. Haru has this ability too, so she isn’t really surprised.

My father told me stories about these “manifested life forces” and how they can be tapped into by these enchanted fortune telling cards created by a being called The Resonator. He also told me that these “Voithos” are both a friend, a companion, a partner, a protector, a servant, and all that jazz. 

I named her Mrs. Kupido because she acted so flirty and cute. 

Once the witch is vanquished, she gives another curtsy before dispersing into pink wisps.

The burning witch started collapsing into crumples of charcoal and ashes.The adhesive sauce and the flames in the lair disappeared along with the witch’s lair entirely. With the chamber gone, we were in the empty gymnasium. The gateway to the witches’ lair is gone, but it has left more than just a Grief Seed.

In the middle of the empty gymnasium, there is an unconscious school girl, and next to her is a witch’s Grief Seed.

Haru got up and stretched before walking up to retrieve the Grief Seed. I quickly put my Lenormand card away before examining the school girl.

“Okay, this isn’t expected,” I stated, “The student is unconscious, but… she doesn’t seem to be a victim of the witch nor a fallen magical girl.”

When Haru changed back to her casual uniform, she held her soul gem close to the Grief Seed. Nothing happened.

“Huh? Something’s off about this Grief Seed.” Haru took a closer look.

I stood back up and took a closer look. “You’re joking.”

“I’m not, this Grief Seed isn’t absorbing my gem’s impurities,” Haru assured.

Haru is right about the appearance of the Grief Seed. This Grief Seed that the witch yielded isn’t even close to being perfectly spherical, and it looked as if someone crushed it. It also appears small and hollow. 

“You don’t think this Grief Seed was placed on that student?” Haru hypothesized.

“I don’t know…” Deep inside, I think that’s ridiculous.

While Haru and I were trying to figure this whole mystery, the three magical girls who  came to our aid interrupted us.

“Ahem.” The blue halberdier crossed her arms and changed back. 

She now wore a black dress with white polka dots decorating her skirt, a white collar around the top, and a black ribbon belt around the waist. In addition she had black leggings and high heeled shoes and a white beaded bracelet. She is very suspicious of us — probably because she saw my Voithos ability.

Tsuruno also changed back into her school uniform, appearing the same as when I bumped into her earlier.

The blonde mercenary in purple changed into a school uniform, but instead of a red collar and skirt and teal tie, it’s all blue and white. She also wore red bracelets. 

All three of them looked curious and concerned at the same time. Is this how Magical Girls in Kamihama welcome others coming to the city?

“You have a lot to answer, you two,” The blue halberdier began.

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