When Jasmines Bloom in Kamihama: Prologue Part I

Author: Medical Plagues

Artist: Medical Plagues


“Puella Magi Madoka Magica” and the side story, “Magia Record,” belong to the Magica Quartet (Gen Urobuchi, Akiyuki Shinbo, Ume Aoki, and Atsuhiro Iwakami), Aniplex, and Shaft. This is a fanfiction story, and it is considered non-canon. Please support the official release.

Act 1: The Ranger’s Child

The world of Magical Girls hides in plain sight in the modern world. In such a world, aliens called Incubators offer normal girls a contract: they are granted one wish in exchange of becoming  Magical Girls. They are tasked with fighting witches who seek to bring despair to humanity; it is a battle that assures the safety of the universe. In Japan, the Incubators present are called Kyubey.

Kamihama, Japan. 

It is the city where a great witch, Walpurgisnacht, has met her end, and from her defeat is a Union of Magical Girls. This Union, with their newfound hope, now seeks to create a better future for all Magical Girls around the world. 

Months after the battle, the city has been repairing the damages from what they thought was a hurricane. As for the Union, they’ve been left to their own devices. 

A magical barrier that surrounds the city holds a purification system that protects magical girls from a corruptive transformation. It is this barrier that the Union hopes to expand to the rest of the world. Because of this barrier, the city is free from despair-spreading witches who are created from magical girls who fall to despair or use up all their magic. Here in Kamihama, the barrier converts the despair into a manifestation called a Doppel.

The city is filled with many wonders with some that only a Magical Girl can see.

This is a story of a boy and his rite of passage in his mother’s hometown.

Dear Mom,

How are things up there? You know— Heaven? Dad thinks you’re long gone, but I’m sure there is an afterlife somewhere out there.

Nothing interesting happened this Spring. Though, I did have this strange dream about a week ago. I won’t go into much detail, but I think I was in a race. I made new friends along the way, and we carried strange cards that granted us superpowers or super companions. That’s all I can say about that.

You’re probably wondering why Dad took me here. 

I’m here in Kamihama to help him with a flower festival as a way to help raise funds and keep the spirits up in the city after that hurricane months ago. Thanks to some past connections that you’ve made, Dad was able to prepare a team to help set up early. I’m allowed to attend it for free. My stay is going to be for about a month, so this is technically how I’m going to spend a portion of my spring break for now.

Dad says this is your hometown before you moved and eventually met him. If this is true, I’m willing to spend as much time making memories here.

I still miss you.



I have been reading this letter over and over, and it still doesn’t look right.

My name is Yuuki Matsuzuka Morales; I am 16 years old. I have light skin and long dark brown hair. I keep my hair long enough to tie most of it into a french braid. My eyes are a shade of blue with speckles of light brown at the center of the iris. 

I’m currently wearing my former school attire: a grey suit with white shirt and red necktie. My signature jewelry is an opal badge shaped like a treetop; the trunk of the tree is made of brass. My black shoes are a hand-me-down from my father. Despite my uniform, I’ve actually been homeschooled for about 4 years now.

My father arranged a taxi to pick me up from Sendai, and Kamihama is my spring break destination. I’m not going in alone though. 

Next to me is my friend, Haru Fujiwara Kunkle, a girl at the age of 14 with the same light skin and wavy clay-yellow hair. Her hair isn’t as long as mine, and her eyes are a shade of yellow. She looked pretty confident as she looked out the taxi window. She wore the same school uniform as me.

From the skyscrapers and malls to the old shrines and castle town, Haru and I were given some impression of what the city is like. It is a beauty to behold for its mix between the old and new. 

The taxi cab stops at a hotel in one of Kamihama’s wards: Shinsei Ward.  As Haru and I got out of the car, a young man in his twenties and a little girl in a yukata kimono stood across from us at the hotel entrance.

The young man is over five feet and five inches in height with a brown regular haircut and dark brown eyes. His skin is a slight tan with a few faint scars from past accidents and fights. He has a neutral look on his face, but a slight frown and determined eyes show that he’s been through a lot. He wears a denim jacket and jeans, a grey tee-shirt, and black sneakers. This is my father.

The little girl beside him has long white unkempt hair and light dull blue eyes; she was around the age of ten. Her skin is almost pale, and blush can be seen on her cheeks. She appeared calm but curious about the world. Her yukata is patterned with blue, teal, and periwinkle, and the attire reached down to her knees. She has something in her hands: a clear, blue, glossy toy ball. Her name is Daremo Ashikaga.

My father is looking after her as a temporary guardian for a friend. She doesn’t say much, and she relies on hand gestures and sign languages. As for that toy ball, she’s really attached to it for some reason.

Some attendants come out of the hotel to help with our luggage.

“I’m glad to see you again, you two, how was the ride?” My father asks.

“The ride made me sleepy,” Haru complains, “I want some latte now that we’re here!”

When I respond, my voice could be mistaken as feminine, but it was low enough to help someone identify me as a male.

“Very long, Old Joseph.”

My father sighs and shakes his head. “It’s Jason, and call me father, Yuuki.”

“Sorry, I just feel a bit mixed about this trip.” I adjust my necktie while giving a sheepish look. “Even if this was my mother’s home.”

“It’s only for a month,” he notes. He frowned when I mentioned mother.

Haru chuckles at that reminder. “I’m sure we can get used to Kamihama and live to tell the tale.” She tries to do some kind of chivalrous accent. “Here, there be monsters.”

I saw Daremo shake her head at Haru to express that she is not impressed. After that, she holds her toy ball with one arm and adjusts her yukata. 

“Daremo and I will take care of your luggage,” my father states, “Why don’t you and Haru go around and explore Kamihama?”

“Before I do…” I stop one of the attendants so that I can open one of my luggage bags and retrieve a shoulder bag. “Okay, I’m ready.”

“Return by 7:00 PM, okay?” My father reminds me. “Love you, son.”

“Love you too.” I was really hesitant to say it back.

Haru and I made our way to the University that my father suggested to us. We were able to get directions from a civilian and get the name of the institution: Kamihama City University. 

While on our way there, I continued reading over my letter to my late mother. It’s been six years since my mother died of breast cancer. Ever since her death, my whole family changed; my father wasn’t the same. For those six years, I’ve been writing letters to mom, and I never got to finish them. Something was missing.

Haru scoffs at me.

“Did you really bring that letter, Yuuki?” she teases. “What a mama’s boy.”

I fold the letter and put it away in my shoulder bag. “What about you? Did you bring your dating skills from your last failed relationship back in Sendai?”

Don’t worry, Haru can take a reply like that.

Haru felt offended and her jaw dropped for a second. “I only came here to find greener pastures! I have high hopes that I can find the love of my life here in this crazy, noisy, bizarre… city.”

“Crazy, noisy, and bizarre?” I question with an eyebrow raised. “Care to tell me why Kamihama is described like that in your perspective?”

“Have you ever heard of the weird things here?” Haru has her hands behind her back. “There have been some shady things going on here. A cult spreading rumors, people going missing, and then a hurricane hitting this city.”

“Then it just means this city is popular.”  I wasn’t so sure about Haru’s explanation.

“Popular? No! Did you not hear me?” Haru tries to get my attention as we walk. “This city’s cursed!”

“Don’t you think you’re being judgemental?” I reason. “We’re already in Kamihama, so it won’t hurt to see these weird things for ourselves. That way we can—”

Accidentally, I bump into someone near a boarding house called the Mikazuki Villa. The building looked pretty old, but it has been maintained for some time. It looked like any building you would find in a residential neighborhood: blue roof, white wooden walls, black patterned windows with a wooden frame, a black stairway, and a grey stone walkway to a yard. 

The person who I bumped into is another teenage girl. She appeared to be a year older than me and stood at almost five feet and three inches; I am only five feet and four inches. She’s dressed in a highschool uniform consisting of black sleeves and knee-high socks, a red tartan pleated skirt, a white school blouse shirt with a red sailor-style collar, a teal ribbon tie, and brown shoes. The girl has light blemishless skin and long brown hair that’s tied into a ponytail on the left side. The ponytail is held together by a white lace ribbon with two red beads at each end. Her eyes are a shade of orange that almost blazed with confidence and boldness. 

“Oh, uhm! I’m really sorry!” I bow slightly. “I should’ve watched where I’m going.”

When I stood back up, I noticed something about her hair. At first, I couldn’t tell what shade of brown her hair was. Other than that I felt like I had met her before somewhere.

“It’s alright,” The girl replies before noticing something, “Say, you two seem new here.”

“Yeah, we just got here minutes ago,” Haru leans forward with her hands on her hips. “We’re visitors.”

“Welcome to Kamihama!” The girl greeted me. “We have a lot of nice places to see, so if you have the time, you should also check out restaurants like Babanzai!”

“Thanks for the welcome, but we have somewhere to be,” Haru points out.

“Awww, okay then,” The girl happily replies, “But if you’re hungry, you know the name.” She then walked off.

All I did was stare at the girl, but I was able to snap out of the daze. “Huh? I… wait… I didn’t get her name.” She already left.

Haru gave me this suspicious look. “Right, let’s just keep going.” As we continued heading to the university, she brought up the question. “You were staring at the girl for some time after bumping into her. Is she someone you know, Yuuki, or is it love at first sight?”

“It’s not love at first sight!” I felt slightly embarrassed. “I wish I had an answer, but for now, I don’t recall.”

“Just as I thought.” Haru sighs. She then sensed something. She took out a green egg-shaped gem with gold metallic decoration. “Yuuki, there’s a witch.”

I adjusted my badge and gave a nod. I had Haru lead the way.

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