Hippopotamus Peak

Author: Cynthia McGuire

Hippopotamus Peak,
where the clouds convert a portal.
yellow, red, green & violet.
Moss vibrates
clouds will show me the way.

Brown mustard dances in the wind
Hippopotamus peak, surrounded.
Red leaves rustle in the wind
Wild wild weeds
soaring in the air bound for the portal.

Where when why do I have to decide
my beauty bust and rust
On my bed of moss
it sprouts
wrapping me in a hug
this is our room.
Home is where the soul sings
heart warms
spirit glows
mind soars.

Hippopotamus peak
O how kind you are.
Hippopotamus peak you 
show me parallels…
air becomes yellow
flowers speak
birds sing
deer smile.

My love my sweet sweet love
your honey flows into my heart.

Hippopotamus peak
you show me
you show me
love lust life livid longevity laughter 
beauty bounce blue bliss.

Hippopotamus peak
O how lovely you are.